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Sister in Christ. Mother. Project Manager. Writer. Traveler.
International Business Owner.

Carmen Trummer

Carmen Jo Trummer is a first time author who grew up in a small town in NE Ohio but has called Mount Vernon, Virginia, home for nearly twenty-five years. She has raised two amazing sons and currently resides with her playful hound dog, Dozer. Carmen is a professional project manager and loves a to-do list, but her ultimate love is crafting a story from her travels. She is an international business owner and has a Costa-Rican God-daughter.

Baptized at age twelve by a preacher named Moe, Carmen developed a relationship with Christ in her formative years. Difficult and painful life events have trained Carmen to speak the language of grief and share the pain of traumatic loss as both a Breast Cancer survivor and a widow, when at age forty-seven, the love of her life, Bill, committed suicide. Her Christian grit has pushed her to cling to Christ during her crises and find healing in everyday routines and extraordinary adventures. From daily Bible studies, hiking over thirty national and state parks, and traveling across three continents, Carmen is the scrappy-tomboy-outdoorsy type who is committed to God and the healing of her heart.

Carmen has always loved the written word, whether reading the Bible or reviewing technical strategy documents. She loves using her writing to communicate and connect with others. She has written in journals since the teen years and was probably the only freshman in college who enjoyed writing term papers! Most of her career has been devoted to technical writing, however when Bill passed away in 2017, Carmen’s writing shifted, bringing her back to the writings of the heart and the hope that her pain can help another woman learn to heal. Her greatest hope is for God to use her story and the lessons He has taught her through trials and grief to heal and help many generations of women until the day when we are all pain-free and living in His glory.